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Online product launches – via live webcast


Online product launches are no longer the preserve of the mega-rich. Advances in technology and bandwidth improvements mean that you can now webcast live in full HD and introduce your new product or new season’s range to a global audience of potential buyers.

As retail moves from physical space to webspace and customers increasingly look to buy online, launching your product in the world’s biggest, most interactive shop window makes sense (not to mention dollars).

With social media and mobile devices increasingly dominating internet traffic, options such as Facebook streaming and event apps let you make your online video stream suitable for phones and tablets and provide end users with instant feedback, interaction and buying opportunities.

The key benefits of online product launches include:

  • Increased audience capacity (more people than can fit in your venue)
  • Equality of access (renders distance, isolation & disability issues redundant)
  • Reduced travel & accommodation costs for potential buyers
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Increased revenue potential (using pay gate platforms)
  • Builds database
  • Accurate & instant stats & tracking (for marketing purposes)
  • Mobile device streaming (smartphones, iPads, etc)
  • Greater social media integration (allowing instant feedback & interaction)
  • Facebook streaming
As one of the most experienced streaming service providers in the southern hemisphere, Webcasting can help you launch your product to a far greater audience. Our end-to-end live streaming service options include:
  • Multi camera shoots
  • Multimedia integration (Powerpoint slides, video, etc)
  • Multi-bitrate streaming (enabling more devices & more viewers to access your stream)
  • IPTV (your own internet TV channel for video on demand streaming)
  • Full HD quality
  • Event apps

Give your new product the widest possible audience. Online product launches can bring your ideas to market in bigger, broader based and more cost effective ways than traditional ‘geographically’ fixed launch parties.

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