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Webcasting For The Public Sector

Public sector service providers all have messages to communicate; and whether it’s the annual conference, local council meeting or staff training requirements, webcasting is a cost effective, practical way to meet this need.

As one of the most experienced streaming services in Australia/New Zealand, Webcasting can deliver your online video stream live or on demand – and in all HD.


The key benefits of webcasting are:

  • Increased audience potential
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Reduced costs
  • Equality of access (for isolated or mobility restricted viewers)
  • Ease of compliance (as views are trackable)
  • Social media integration (thereby allowing instant feedback & interaction)
  • Increased revenue potential
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Importantly, webcasting is also a secure medium. Most platforms come with registration or password mechanisms to ensure that all information is made available to authorised viewers only.

At Webcasting we can help you stream everything from a single training session to an entire national conference. We will even you train you up to use the latest user friendly technology so that you can create and stream content without needing to call us back.

Streaming services we offer include:

  • Production (shooting your video)
  • Captioning (for equality of access)
  • Seamless incorporation of Powerpoint material, etc.
  • Mobile device streaming (iPads, smartphones, etc)
  • Social media integration (Facebook streaming)
  • IPTV platforms (your own online video channel)
  • Stats & tracking (ideal for compliance monitoring)
  • Pay-per view streaming
  • Event apps
  • Post-production (for video on demand)

So, whether you’re a department, agency, frontline service provider or local council needing to reach out to constituents, stakeholders or staff, webcasting makes your job a whole lot easier.

Professional streaming made simple

Whether you’re streaming to social or producing an event streamed around the world,
Webcasting Experts are designed to make you look like a pro.

Reach your audience across multiple social media platforms with the best streaming services
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Embed your live stream on your web pages

Launch an OTT subscription service to monetise your videos and live events. Reach your audience
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Audience Interaction

Engage your audience with real-time moderated chat.

Monetisation & Lead Capture

Make your videos grow your bottom line. Monetise your video behind a paywall, via an OTT
subscription service and apps.

Cross-Platform Analytics

Discover valuable insights into your viewership across the globe

Enterprise-Grade Platform

Secure your content with advanced access controls such as password protection and geo-blocking.


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