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Promote future events and conferences

Your events communicate a great deal about your organisation. An expertly-produced video from Webcasting can showcase the speakers, highlight the networking opportunities and capture the buzz of the day. Successful videos can make future events unmissable.

Share your events with a wider audience

Webcasting produces full length and highlights event films for a wide range of clients in the corporate sector. We cover events as varied as conventions, AGMs, and conferences. Whether you want to inspire debate or document a launch ceremony, Webcasting Films can ensure your events have the lasting impact they deserve.


Webcasting regularly shoots conferences for corporate clients. We provide a range of services from fast-turnaround recording of conference speeches, to more complex multi-camera rigs and specialist filming.

Naturally, each event will have different video requirements. Our experienced filmmakers have the skills and knowledge to tailor your event film perfectly to your needs.

Using the latest filmmaking and videography equipment, Webcasting will ensure that speeches and presentations can be published in the most compelling way possible.

Our approachable and multi talented team can also draw on their wealth of event filmmaking experience to we can provide vox-pop filming or camera booths to capture your audience’s responses and testimonials.

We can produce engaging behind the scenes videos to build on the impact of your event. These will help to provide a much deeper understanding of your event for audiences and can help to encourage future attendance for any upcoming events.

For delivery, we will work with you to ensure that the films are delivered in a way that best suits your conference aims. This can include live streaming, fast-turnaround uploads of vox pops to social media, and post-conference scheduled publishing.

We understand the importance of effective video and we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals, whether that’s increasing your future event attendance, engaging more varied audiences or promoting your achievements. Contact us now to find out just what we can do for your business.

Successful videos can make future events unmissable. To take control of your digital rights management

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